Manglar con Peces

A strange mixture between light, shadow, water, air, infinite space, closed world and between sweet and salty impregnates it. The mangrove is a space between spaces, an open place trapped between closed worlds and an indescribable organic network of trees, rushes and roots in slow and perpetual movements, a plant world that refuses to define itself with precision, that does not accept the most basic rules of nature, that refuses to have a unique identity and is the secret habitat of all living species and all plant lives. In the mangrove the trees walk, the fish fly and the birds swim as if interacting between all the universes were the logic of life, of all lives, even though they are unique, like yours and mine and how unique are the lives of the fish, birds, insects and other organic beings that cohabit in this enclosed space in an open world, in the sweetness of the seas and the saltiness of all the rivers? (v.Rosa).
Manglar La Caimanera, Tolú, Colombia.
50 x 45,5.

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